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Achieving Sustainable Business Continuity heavily depends on effectively managing business crises

from three critical aspects: People, Surroundings, and Weather.  These elements play a pivotal role in ensuring a resilient business strategy that can withstand disruptions and create long-term value for stakeholders. 

  1. People: Prioritizing the well-being, safety, and adaptability of employees, customers, and other stakeholders is essential. Anticipation of circumstances that will cause people to add more risks during crisis, are often over looked by companies. A resilient business considers diversity of people’s psychology during crisis and competencies in crisis management as part of its preparedness strategy.

  2. Surroundings: Understanding and mitigating risks related to the business operation location of environment, ecosystems, local communities, cultural heritage and supply chains are crucial. Sustainable practices that minimize harm to current communities’ livelihood, to natural resources, reduce pollution and attaining positive support from communities contribute to business continuity.

  3. Weather: Climate change, extreme weather events, and other environmental factors impact business operations. Resilient strategies incorporate weather-related risks and adaptability measures to ensure stability.


The people, their surroundings, and weather aspects play crucial roles in shaping a realistic ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) compliance plan to ensure a holistic  approach that aligns with sustainability goals as per location of operation.



Experienced Physical, Psychological and Cyber security advisers provide tailored services, including threat assessments, procedures, and training, to mitigate risks for businesses.


Engineering Services

An engineering services that support national workforce development, integrating best global practices in petrochemical operations.




Specialize in recruiting skilled contractors and supplying professionals across technical, operational, and managerial roles.


Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Emphasizing the importance of health, safety, and environmental concerns, we acknowledge the challenges our personnel face in hazardous environments.


Talent Management & Competency Assurance Tracking

Provide competency assurance tracking and training services to help organizations ensure their employees have the skills needed to excel




Specializes in Technology Transfer, particularly in Nano Technology, to help clients diversify their income streams for business continuity.

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Emergency Response & Business Continuity

Clear methodologies that are develop to address emergency response, crisis management and business continuity with the aim to enhance the confidence and competence of response team members.


Oil Spill Response & Management

Provide expert advice to spill response authorities, offering technical and scientific assistance remotely, within incident command centers, or in the field, for both marine and inland surface waters.


Infectious Disease Outbreak Control

Offers Infection Risk Matrix Assessments tailored to workplace workflows and business processes.

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