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About Us


Promega Knights proudly embraces an "INTELLIGENCE-LED RISK INFORMED" approach, tailoring our services to offer a complete spectrum of intelligent and comprehensive solutions. From SECURITY SERVICES and CONSULTANCY to ENGINEERING SERVICES and MANPOWER SUPPLY, we cater to diverse needs.

Our mission is to help both local and international companies comprehend and mitigate their risk profiles, thereby reducing insurance costs and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Through strategic consultancy, coupled with robust risk management capabilities and operational expertise, we support our clients in identifying and mitigating risks within complex and challenging environments.

Integrated Approach

Our Goal

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To be The Most Creditable Business Crisis and Continuity Management Solution provider across all industries worldwide

Our Vision


To simplify Business Crisis and Continuity Management to be easily adopted by industries as their inevitable preparation to face uncertainties

Value Proposition

Companies in the Critical Infrastructure Sector face different challenges whereby they will have to deal with their own unique set of risks relevant to the hazards and threats they face.  From aging infrastructures to increasing security and environmental concerns, Promega Knights focus on assisting and supporting these companies to remain operating in a competitive way in a rapidly changing environment.

New Business Initiatives

Opportunity analysis, incorporation of Business Continuity elements in conducting feasibility and market analysis, concept creation and operational training. 

Quality Health & Safety

Behavior Based Safety Survey, Safety Climate Assessment, Supervisory and Soft Skills, Safety Leadership Program, Train-the-Trainer Program.

Land, Sea & Air Security & Vulnerability

Turnkey Integrated Security System Intelligence-gathering capabilities, strategic risks assessment, route planning, risks mitigation benefits, front line security delivery and effective government Liaison & communication protocol development for effective incident response.


Environmental Monitoring Disaster Precaution, Disaster Impact Analysis, Disaster Recovery Exercise Planning & Assessment.

Asset Strategy
Emergency Response & Crisis Management Preparedness

Asset value maximization, equipment technology evaluation and equipment maintenance strategies and solutions.

Plans and procedural review and gap analysis, training & drills, emergency response facilities, crisis communications, family and relative response.

Business Impact & Continuity Management

Policy and governance, business impact analysis, business continuity strategy solutions, business continuity training and testing.

Strategic Sourcing

Vendor Identification and technical evaluation.

Training & Exercises

High instructor-to-participants ratio, training & exercise analysis, use of accredited training, design & delivery of major exercise and design of bespoke training package.

Global Peer Benchmarking

New Capex deployment and maintenance outlay.

Regulatory and Policy Support

Incorporate current legal and local statutory requirements, monitoring changing regularity regime, compliance and mitigation strategies.

Equipment Technology Monitoring

Technology Developments in production technology and equipment, conduct of research and development.

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