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Emergency Response & Crisis Management (ERCM) & Business Continuity Management (BCM) Solutions & Services

We have developed clear methodologies and understand the importance of effective emergency response, crisis management & business continuity solutions to help build the confidence and competence of team members of response teams.  The purpose to ensure capability and competency is built is to allow key individuals to practice their response to a simulated scenario, while also providing an opportunity to review the procedures and systems in place and to assess the capability of the Company to respond to a Major Emergency and/or Crisis.

Integrated Emergency Response & Business Continuity Framework

We possess experienced and capable manpower from diverse local and international backgrounds, including former military and oil and gas industry professionals. Our team can assist in designing, building, upgrading, operating, training, and maintaining Incident Management/Command & Control centers and their services.


We offer expertise in designing layouts for Incident Management Operations Rooms (IMOR) that align with user needs and best practices for effective incident management.Additionally, we are capable of conducting OPITO standard Major Emergency Management (MEM) and competency assessments for OIM (Offshore Installation Manager) in controlling emergencies during major incidents.

Our Bespoke ERCM Solutions & Services

Emergency Response Planning & Actual Response


​Next-of-Kin (NOK) & Family Response Team


Crisis Leadership & Situational Awareness


Bridging Document


Crisis Management


Plan & Procedure Validation


Incident Command System (ICS)


Crisis Communication, Stakeholder Engagement & Media Response


Dynamic Risk Management


Full Scale Crisis Exercise


ER Cycle_edited.png

Emergency Response Planning, Training and Exercise

Mounting an Effective Response

Incident Mitigation and Stabilization

Facility, Process or Business Recovery

Return to Normal Operations

Emergency Response Cycle


Context & Business Process Mapping


Business Impact Analysis (BIA) 


Risk Assessment (RA)

Our Bespoke BCM Solutions & Services


Business Resilience & Recovery Strategy


Business Continuity Plan Development


Plan Socialisation, Training & Validation


Maintenance & On-going Improvement


Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC)

Vertical Market Building & Business Continuity Management

Businesses all over the world were tested on Business Continuity resilience during and after COVID. And the priority is to keep the business running. To ensure sustainable business continuity, companies have to build their market vertically to minimise disruption in their supply chain.

We provide comprehensive solutions for companies wishing to develop and implement vertical market building into their business continuity plans and processes within their organisation. 

Services we provide in this area are based on ISO 22301 compliant with best practice defined by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) of UK and the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII) of USA.


Registered Sites

Business Continuity Plan





Safety Lock


Vertical Market Building







Business Continuity Management


Consultation, Training, Drill & Assessments for Vertical Market Sustainability

Promega Knights adopt a consultative approach to the provision of a complete range of intelligent and comprehensive security services, emergency response and crisis management solutions, investing the time to fully understand the needs of our Clients. Our Clients include enterprise companies, government agencies and critical infrastructure owners and operators within the oil and gas sector, as part of their business sustainabilities.

Understanding the local operating environment limitations and resources availability allows Promega Knights to help local and international companies understand and reduce their risk profiles, reduce the cost of insurance, train and exercise their personnel and confirm compliance with government and industry regulatory requirements. Therefore, we support our Clients by providing strategic consultancy combined with extensive risk management capabilities with technical and industry operational experience to assist in identifying and reducing the risks faced by our Clients operating in a complex and hostile environment. We are unique because of our overall capacity to meet the whole scope of work, and more if necessary as well as being cost effective and ultimately to achieve Vertical Market Sustainability.


Promega Knights Consultancy, Training, Drill and Assessments  is delivered by highly qualified local and international consulting team who have in-depth knowledge in their own fields and bring practical experience and subject matter expertise to the project.  We ensure that we provide our Clients with the best possible experts and advisors in operational security services, emergency response, crisis management, maritime security and business continuity with track record of international training, exercises, projects and global consulting assignments. 

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