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Manpower Supply

Our Workforce Management Services are designed to help organisations optimize contracted workforce performance, ensure compliance, increase profitability and reduce operating costs.  To stay competitive in the current market environment Oil and Gas companies must focus on the factor that mostly influences business results: its people. Concentrating on the performance and engagement of its workforce can help companies withstand, even thrive, in tough economic times.  We work with major energy companies to recruit skilled contractors for the oil and gas industry. We supply technical, operational and managerial professionals to the world’s most successful energy companies.  

Our Bespoke Manpower Supply Services & Solutions


We provide local talent or expat professionals, based on the client requirements.


We offer complete support for smooth transition of contractors throughout the entire recruitment and employment process.


We recruit for offshore and onshore roles, including both contracted and permanent positions.


Our candidates in our oil and gas industry database cover a wide range of specialties, like refinery, exploration and production, health and safety, engineering, executive management and more.


We offer pay-rolling and billing services, whereby we have a thorough understanding of the national payroll requirements, including tax compliance for national and expat employees.


We start every project recruitment campaign by analysing the customer’s needs, and then clearly defining the deliverables and deadlines.


We carry out Candidate Attraction and Advertising, Short Listing, Interview Coordination and logistics including making job offers and contract signing.

When a large group of qualified, Contracted Personnel is required for a project, or simply there is a need to transition certain functions or a team to an external supplier, we can build a project specific operation in partnership with the customer.  We will not only identify, employ, mobilise and manage the group seconded to our customer’s operations. We shift the focus to keeping the project team motivated, empowered and engaged, directly influencing our customer’s performance. 

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