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Promega Knights adopt" INTELLIGENCE-LED RISK INFORMED "  fit for purpose approach in ensuring that all our services and deliverables are robust, realistic and relevant to our Clients’ needs and requirements in their existing and future operating environment. We adopt cutting edge methodology to design and develop our services by having clear, open and continuous communications with our Clients throughout the project phases. We are also committed to deliver and customise appropriate services on a continual basis in order to meet Clients’ needs, remain compliant and continually improve all aspects of their operations within the environment they operate.



Working in close partnership with our customers, our aim is to ensure that efficiency improvement, competence development and assessment, together with the practice of good safety and security, is evident in the culture of every workforce across our industry.

Our integrated approach to solutions delivery is designed to ensure that no matter what the competency gap or inherent risk may be, Promega Knights has the solution. 

Our capabilities are broadly segmented into four core areas; the provision of security services, competence-led training & consultancy services, engineering services to identify or assess competency gaps or risks within an organisation; and outsourced tailored management solutions on behalf of our customers via manpower supply solutions.


We adopt a consultative approach to the provision of a complete range of intelligent and comprehensive security services, emergency response and crisis management solutions, investing the time to fully understand the needs of our Clients.  Our customers include enterprise companies, government agencies and critical infrastructure owners and operators within the oil and gas sector.


Our team of specialists can help our customers identify whether competence gaps or risks are evident within their organisation or work with our customers to help find solutions to gaps they may have already identified.  In this way, we have created a service model which is driven by ensuring that everything we do enables our customers to achieve competence within their business at whatever level is appropriate for them


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