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Radar Video Security Surveillance System (RVS3)

We have the full range of engineering management capabilities and capacity supported by highly qualified professional manpower to provide a One-Stop Centre for full range of RVS3 project from conceptual design to operational, manning and maintenance in terms security surveillance solutions.


The RVS3 radar sensors automatically detect intruders in user defined Alarm Zones.  Alarms are generated to alert security personnel, and cameras are directed to the intruder. Video is recorded and distributed over a Local Area Network, to provide both recorded history and real time situational awareness to facility personnel.

Because the RVS3 automates detection, tracking, and alarming, based on your site’s security plan, security personnel can perform tasks other than monitoring the detection system.  


When an alarm is received, personnel can identify the threat and make a security decision before it reaches the perimeter - increasing the time available to respond to potential threats.


The RVS3 improves detection performance while reducing installation and maintenance costs. Once a threat is detected, the RVS3 uses CCTV for what it is best suited for - identification.

Main features of the RVS3 include: -

  • Radar systems for long range detection of potential threats.

  • Stabilised IP DMR inter- platform / command centre connectivity based on MESH / RING network.

  • Electro-Optical (EO) Sensors for the identification and determination of target intent.

  • Automatic Identification System (AIS) for the identification of cooperative vessels & choppers.

  • Vessel Traffic/ Tracking Monitoring System (VTMS).

  • Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) Warning systems.

  • Tele-communications system for data and live video streaming to client command centres and law enforcement and government command centres.

  • Remote Security Surveillance Terminals - Stand-alone systems to provide situational awareness display information and video to nominated Government departments.

  • Network Monitoring System to view Real Time All Sensors, Communication Health and Hacking Monitoring.

  • Advance Lightning Protection and Lightning Tracking Systems.

  • Facilities Management & Training.

  • Control Room Manning.

  • Threat Behaviour Analysis & Reporting.

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