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Security Services & Solutions

We provide a range of specialist security services to help customers identify and understand the threats which could impact on their business and provide solutions and training to mitigate such risks. We work with organisations in the following areas; threat assessments, security arrangements, procedures and training, and our team comprise of experienced security advisers. We adopt a consultative approach to the provision of a complete range of intelligent and comprehensive security services and solutions, investing the time to fully understand the needs of our customers. We are also committed to deliver and customize appropriate security services on a continual basis in order to meet customer’s needs, remain compliant and continually improve all aspects of their operations within the environment they operate.

Our Bespoke Security Services & Solutions

Security Services Description

  1. Basic Security Awareness Training

  2. Decommissioning & Demobilisation Training

  3. Decommissioning & Demobilisation Training

  4. Security Threat Analysis Training

  5. Security Behaviour Analysis Training

  6. Maritime Security & Intelligence Training

  7. Security Team Risk Assessment Training

  8. Political Risk Monitoring & Analysis Training

  9. Integrity Due Diligence Investigation Training

  10. Fraud & Corruption Investigation Training

  11. Kidnap & Ransom Course

  12. Private Client Services Training

  13. Sector-Specific Business Environmental Assessment Training

  14. Expatriate Relocation Security Services

  15. Strategic Intelligence Management Training

  16. Onshore Security Solutions Training

  17. Government Liaison & Engagement Training

  18. Social Media Intelligence Training

  19. Cyber Security Training

Key Point Facilities & Infrastructure Protection

  1. Offshore and onshore oil & gas facilities

  2. Energy & water facilities

  3. Air, land and sea transportation hubs/ports

  4. Telecommunication infrastructure

  5. Government broadcasting infrastructure 

  6. Military & Police installation/complexes

  7. Emergency / Disaster Hardware / Software for Management & Training  & Exercises

  8. Business Continuity Readiness Programs

Security Hardware.JPG

Radar Video Security Surveillance System (RVS3)

We have the full range of engineering management capabilities and capacity supported by highly qualified professional manpower to provide a One-Stop Centre for full range of RVS3 project from conceptual design to operational, manning and maintenance in terms security surveillance solutions.  

  • Radar systems for long range detection of potential threats.​

  • Stabilized IP DMR inter- platform / command centre connectivity based on MESH / RING network.

  • Electro-Optical (EO) Sensors for the identification and determination of target intent.

  • Automatic Identification System (AIS) for the identification of cooperative vessels & choppers.

  • Vessel Traffic/ Tracking Monitoring System (VTMS).

  • Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) Warning systems.

  • Tele-communications system for data and live video streaming to client command centres and law enforcement and government command centres.

  • Remote Security Surveillance Terminals - Stand-alone systems to provide situational awareness display information and video to nominated Government departments.

  • Network Monitoring System to view Real time All Sensors, Communication Health and Hacking Monitoring.

  • Facilities Management & Training.

  • Control Room Manning.

  • Threat Behaviour Analysis & Reporting.

Industries Served : 

Offshore and onshore oil & gas facilities


Energy & water facilities


Air, land and sea transportation hubs/ports


Telecommunication infrastructure


Government broadcasting infrastructure


Military & Police installation/complexes


Example of Implementations

INTEGRATED FIT FOR PURPOSE Turnkey Design , Construct and Install Radar Video Security Surveillance System (RVS3)  for the Intrusion Detection , Identification & DETERRENCE system for OFFSHORE & ONSHORE.


Lightning Tracking & Warning Systems.

Control Room Monitoring & Manning Services.

Utilities Monitoring, Protection, and Maintenance.


Security Services, Audit & Training.

Security Risk Assessment.

Security Data Analysis for Threat Pattern formulation & Training.


Marintime Security Consultancy & Execution.









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