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Oil Spill Response & Management Training

Promega Knights is the exclusive representative of Cedre Services in Malaysia and the rest of the countries in South East Asia Region.   Since its creation in 1979, Cedre has provided consultancy services and assistance in the field in response to over 900 spills, both at sea and in inland waters, both in France and abroad.  Cedre is a not-for-profit association created, as part of the measures taken in the aftermath of the Amoco Cadiz oil spill. With collaboration between Promega Knights and Cedre, we provide advice and expertise to the authorities responsible for spill response.  We are competent both for marine waters and inland surface waters.  We also offer authorities and industry technical and scientific assistance either remotely, within incident command centres or in the field.

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In addition, we also organise custom-made training courses on its premises to meet its customers’ specific needs. The programme is entirely adaptable according to the customer’s requirements and can include lectures, tabletop exercises and/or practical exercises, visits, etc.

We also provide on-site training whereby Cedre trainers (engineers and technicians) are sent to sites to lead training sessions as part of courses organised in collaboration with local government. In such cases, we train teams on their own site or nearby using their own equipment.

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