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Engineering Services

We conduct a series of engineering and technical programs, each with its own comprehensive suite of modules.  The programs have been created to develop technical and operational skills in a new or existing workforce, providing in-depth knowledge of each topic and allow for hands on practice using classroom simulations and workshop environments.  We are also increasingly providing both introductory and technical training at industry, company and discipline specific levels.  

The engineering services are also delivered in support of the national workforce development using best global practices in all aspects of the petrochemical operations.  Working in partnership with the engineering & construction division on a number of technically demanding projects, our trainers and technical consultants have access to the latest innovation in terms of plan design, processes and operating criteria, enabling them to design and initiate leading edge training solutions for our external customers.

Our Bespoke Engineering Solutions Courses

Engineering Solutions Description

  1. Asset Life Extension Study (Optimization): Power Management, Parts Replacement, Modularization Training

  2. Maintenance Plan Training: Condition Based Monitoring, Customized Maintenance Plan

  3. Preservation Training Course

  4. Electrical Design & Monitoring Training - Specialist Repair / Upgrades for Digital to Analog &   Vice Versa

  5. Surge, Grounding & Lightning Protection Training

  6. Electrical Integrity & Communications: Switchgear, Motors & Gas Turbine

  • With Competency Assessment: Classroom & On-the-Job Training

  • Topics covered: High voltage, low voltage, distribution, generation & protective relay

Our Bespoke Engineering Services

Engineering Solutions Description

  1. Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

  2. Detailed Design Engineering

  3. Modification Works

  4. Project Independent Design Review

  5. Project Management & Consultancy (EPCIC)

  6. Project Support (Secondment of Engineers & Follow-On Engineers)

  7. DECOMMISIONNING (Offshore & Onshore Facilities)

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