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Multiple venues key events operational readiness

Managing multiple venues during major sporting events whether national or international level with poor operational readiness will kill continuity confidence, invite corporate embarrassment and potentially tarnish reputation.  With the acute attention of the media, there’s just one chance to ‘get it right’.  And ‘getting it right’ is a non-negotiated requirement. 


The process of taking a few renovated stadiums or sporting locations and turning it into fully functioning event venues that operates with the highest competency as usual from Day One for training and actual events needs to be carefully and sensitively managed.

Operational readiness requires the full range of delivery elements (for example, contactors, stakeholder engagement, change management and governance).  Crucially, the way in which these interact and complement each other during an event is critical and the determinant of success. Getting this balance right poses significant challenges.


We concentrate on complete readiness, not just operational readiness. Our approach is all encompassing and includes preparations to open, operate, manage and maintain a new service. This approach facilitates the opportunity to make progressive changes and adjustments ahead of the formal opening and during the games to assure success.

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