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Consultation, Training, Drill & Assesment

Promega Knights adopt a consultative approach to the provision of a complete range of intelligent and comprehensive security services, emergency response and crisis management solutions, investing the time to fully understand the needs of our Clients. Our Clients include enterprise companies, government agencies and critical infrastructure owners and operators within the oil and gas sector.


We help local and international companies understand and reduce their risk profiles, reduce the cost of insurance, train and exercise their personnel and confirm compliance with government and industry regulatory requirements. Therefore, we support our Clients by providing strategic consultancy combined with extensive risk management capabilities with technical and industry operational experience to assist in identifying and reducing the risks faced by our Clients operating in a complex and hostile environment. We are unique because of our overall capacity to meet the whole scope of work, and more if necessary as well as being cost effective and provision of value for money services.


Promega Knights Consultancy, Training, Drill and Assesment  is delivered by highly qualified local and international consulting team who have in-depth knowledge in their own fields and bring practical experience and subject matter expertise to the project.  We ensure that we provide our Clients with the best possible experts and advisors in operational security services, emergency response, crisis management, maritime security and business continuity with track record of international training, exercises, projects and global consulting assignments. 



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